Social Media Networking: 5 tips to Skyrocket Your Sales

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Seemingly everywhere you look, there’s some business or job posting making entreaties for “someone savvy with social media” or something similar.

Basically, adding an ability to interact with social networks, or having a large one yourself, automatically puts you above all other candidates in a job hunt or career advancement position.

When you think about, of course it makes sense: there are literally billions of users in the most popular social media platforms – Facebook and the microblogging hotspot Twitter. And don’t forget the more professional, business-oriented LinkedIn.

All these social networks have avid, passive and blasé users in every country on the planet – except maybe North Korea (but I’m betting there’s at least one member of the political elite over there who has a social media profile).

The point is, if you really want your business to shine today, you’ve got to put social media to work. This generally embraces a single rule: get as many legitimate adds to your network as you can, by employing a variety of social networking tips – and no gimmicks.

It doesn’t do you any good to buy friends or use unrelated but attractive promotions to corral a bunch of people that will never revisit your Facebook Wall after the prize is won – you need interested people that will remain in your sales cycle, and be receptive to future offers, products and services. Without much further ado, then, here are 5 social networking tips to help skyrocket your sales conversion potential.

  1. Building a useful social network requires a strong foundation; the first thing you should do is of course sign up for Facebook. Afterward, specifically create a business page separate from a personal profile, so that fans can “Like” you and decide to follow the progress of your business. This is precisely the platform you will be using primarily for future business-related promotions and updates to keep your growing community together and informed.
  2. Facebook may be all the rage – just check out some more recent metrics; the ultimate “post random mumbo-jumbo status updates” website just recently surpassed Google Search as the world’s most worthy website, with YouTube in third-place.socialmedia2
    • $2.19 billion
    • $1.10 billion
    • $736 million

    (Something from China may get them all someday anyway, but time will tell). More importantly, this means there are other places other than Facebook to set up your social networks for business – and most of them are better for this purpose anyway, as General Motors’ recent dismissal of Facebook’s services for advertising attests. Facebook really just isn’t especially given to the promotion of wares; it works mostly because of sheer volume – when it works at all. Set up social networks on YouTube to get video messages out there; given the huge increase in mobile marketing and video downloads and viewing in general, working to get subscribers to your YouTube account can be a big sales generator in the years to come. Just don’t forget the call to action at the end of your videos, reminding your viewers to click the “Subscribe” button.

  3. Delivery is all-too-important. You can pitch the most wonderful product in existence, but if your delivery is below par, a competitor will notice immediately and swoop in to make a delivery that “pops” and draws people in. For example, there was a Canadian manufacturing plant that needed employees; so a marketer there came up with the brilliant attractive idea to put a new spin on an old “No Trespassing” sign; they made a sign and put pictures of it on Facebook and YouTube that read: “Trespassers Will be Hired”. It went viral.
  4. Another crucial tip touts social network involvement and engagement with your audience. It’s like keeping in touch with old friends; which only works if you do it both when you need something, and when you don’t. If this seems like a fine line, just think about how you manage to be successful at it each and every day with your old highschool or college buddies. You don’t call them up once every six months when you need a place to stay, right? In this digital age, you send them emails about interesting stories you might have read, or information on a known passion of theirs when you come across it. Keeping a social network is no harder than this: be consistent without being constant, and make sure you’re not always asking for stuff!
  5. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly for engagement with your social network: respond, respond, respond. Address questions spiritedly and informatively; but most importantly, timely. This has one of the most greatly unintended effects of all social media networking tips: for each clarification or question you get, you can be sure that there were many others who wanted the answer to that or a similar question, but never got around to asking it. A single question can bring a social community together in taking your business more seriously, and feeling like you actually give a damn.


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Social media, then, when used in conjunction with search engine optimization can easily drive you ahead of your competition. Be sure to make a worksheet of the best avenues to take in both directions, comprised of maybe 5-10 of the top methods.

Then focus on allocating time to these over the next few months, and Google (and Facebook) will reward you for it – all with no cost other than your time (although I can’t think of anything worth more than your time – but nonetheless)  In short, use Google to build backlinks and Facebook to build your network.

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