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Submit your very high quality articles here. Link them to a relevant website and watch your audience grow as your site shoots up through the SERPS.

Article directories have received a bad rap because of content farms and spun content voer the years, but there’s a reason why the top directories like Ezinearticles, GoArticles and Articlesbase are still doing quite well; there are few shoddy articles in these.

We review articles manually, so only good ones get in. Furthermore, we are continuously optimizing the site, so your articles go along for the ride and benefit from the overall SEO and promotion.


1. After 5 articles per each account, all links will be do-follow.

2. After 50 articles, we share 50% adsense impressions

3. More to come….

Furthermore, you must have Google authorship through your G+ account. This helps us (and you, especially) maintain a level of quality in your articles, because we find that people care much more about what gets attached to their name.  This actually helps you out a great deal, too, because of the importance of Google Plus authorship in the new-and-improved Search algorithm.  Stay-tuned.