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Me (Tomi) with amazing nephew Prince Elijah

Hey! Welcome to the (modestly-named) Search Engine Results Pages Stars.

I’m Tomi, your primary webmaster, and SERPStar is run and maintained by myself and an old friend, Andrew T. Jones (who happens to be the proud new father of a baby boy named Alexander).

We aim to bring you top-notch news about the Search engine landscape, social media, and general ways to make money online.

I’ve been making a solid (and growing) income for several years now, and am excited about sharing the stuff I’ve picked up with eager newbies. When it comes to search engine optimization and website ranking, there are no “secret millionaire tricks.” How much you make depends largely on how hard you’re willing to work. Actually, it depends on three things that you control:

1. How much do you want to make?

2. How hard are you willing to work for it?

3. Are you capable of working correctly to obtain it?

The 3rd one is usually the tricky part. Some people toil away for years, so their work ethic is never in question. But to make money online, you’ve got to work correctly. We’re here to help you focus your abundant energy and dedication in the right direction.

By trade, Andrew is a doctoral student in biology, and I’m a physicist and author (very part-time). In the past few years, making money online has been a wonderful source of extra income. Inside, you’ll find excellent articles on search engine optimization, general internet marketing, developments in seo best methods, how to make money online (of course!), using social media for business, affiliate marketing and much, much more. Stick around – we truly appreciate our readers!