What Is a Backlink?

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Most beginning search engine marketers quickly understand the singular importance of backlinks for any blog-marketing campaign.

This is currently the best way for a search engine robot or spider to determine the importance of a site, as rated by the relative democracy that is the Internet.

The more back links you have, the more people like your stuff – presumably. Of course, it doesn’t stop merely at this, because what also matters to the search engines is the type of people that appear to like your stuff.

Feeding the Masses

After all, if you’re a chef, and you bake what you think is a delicious cake, but want feedback on it, you understand the difference between your group of taste-testers being people who just ate a meal, and people who haven’t eaten in days and are virtually starving, right!? The results will vary widely between the two groups.

baby eating cakeSo, try and submit your cake to the group that has just eaten, which means try to submit your articles to high-quality article directories and blogs.

Simply put, the search engines rank them better in every way, such that one really good link can be worth literally hundreds of mediocre ones. And the only way to get the former is through good and useful content.

A few other ways to get backlinks, aside from article submissions, can take chunks of your time; but, in my experience, they’re worth it – especially when you keep in mind that we’re going after quality, not quantity.

Take the time out to drop by blogs with similar content to your own; read them and leave a useful and insightful comment in the comments section, with a back link to a relevant part of your site.

Ways to Build Backlinks

Sometimes, when I visit a really high quality site, I’ll actually write a complementary post on my blog based on what they wrote, just to be able to make my subsequent comment as relevant and useful as possible (you can research and maybe answer a question they left hanging or didn’t have time to delve into themselves, etc.).

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backlink scheme

Yet another tactic is somewhat similar to article marketing: not all blogs have commenting enabled.

However, if you really liked the post and think you can complement it, contact the blog owner and request that she allow you to guest-blog.

This method, when done correctly, often provides the very strongest and highest-value backlinks possible. It’s always worth it, in my opinion – and more importantly, in my experience.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to write a guest-post; if your overall blog is really good and pertinent, you might get away with actually asking the blog-owner to place a backlink to your blog in their links-section or elsewhere on their page. I have found that this works more often than you might think – though not quite as often as you might want!

As always, thanks for reading and comment below if you’ve got something to add.


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