Do Backlinks From Article Marketing Still Work?


Linkbuilding. Can’t you tell?

Soon after you get into SEO, it becomes clear that the name of the game, after quality content, is backlinking.

Of course, quite a few webmasters never put much stock in the former, and maniacally build links to their shoddy content, not knowing that just because you bring people to your house, doesn’t mean they’ll want to stay.

In truth, it’s more important to have great content than it is to build links, for those interested in longevity, responsibility and protection from future Google search engine updates that exist to get minimize search-engine-subversive tactics that short-sighted SEOs use to get money quickly.

What Google Wants

Google ideally wants your content to spread organically; meaning that it should be informative enough and well-written, such that people naturally pick it up and link to it.

In reality, for most keywords that are lucrative or even semi-lucrative, the average blogger has as much a shot of doing that as running for president.

adorable baby girl

Cute Baby. That’s actually her name.

Possible; but then why aren’t you doing it (to any possible future presidential candidates who happen to be reading this, wipe that smirk off your face)!?

You need to actively market your good content, such that it reaches a certain threshold of visibility where, if it’s truly good stuff, it can spread like wildfire, with little additional marketing from you. After all, no one knows your kid is cute unless you show them pictures.

The methods of website promotion range from the elementary to the advanced; we’re not terribly concerned with the advanced methods at the moment; because those not only cost money, but with good long-tail keyword research, these techniques are almost always unnecessary for you to maximize your blog’s visibility.

Making Your Website or Blog More Visible

nuclear reactor

Google’s nuclear lockbox. Just a guess.

Blog commenting is probably the free method of choice, because it’s so easy. Unfortunately, this is also why it’s so easy to abuse.

In response to this, it seems that with each passing update, blog commenting is reduced in importance within the complex and dynamic Google algorithm, which I think is locked away inside a nuclear reactor somewhere.

If you think I’ve gone off the rails with that assumption; just consider what anyone with access to that code could do. It’s literally worth hundreds-of-billions of dollars, in a sense, and is a composite of many factors that rate websites. Which factors? There’s never been any official word on that.

A further blow to blog commenting is something I’ve noticed more and more with webmasters: if you want to comment, you have to actually email them the comment first, after which they’ll post it. With all this, if I had to guess, I’d say that blog commenting is not long for the world of cyberspace.

In the meantime, though, don’t worry so much about do-follow vs no-follow; Google likes to see variety.

Article and Content Marketing

Another free technique is article marketing, which is far more secure than blog commenting. We can expect it to be a part of website promotion for the far-foreseeable future, because all of the Google updates up until now have been intended to secure it as a viable method, not dispel it.

There are some very well established article directories like Articlesbase, GoArticles and Ezinearticles that have actually received higher rankings with each update, because of their strict guidelines against shoddy content. The backlinks they allow are restricted, which contributes to their good standing. If anything, expect the article directories that allow anything into their databases to start dwindling in number, with Google rewarding the handful of PR6 and PR5 sites for promoting articles of the requisite quality.

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