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article marketing is getting harder

One of the most important techniques in the field of search engine optimization (SEO) is article marketing.

Even for those bloggers who are merely putting up a blog about their daily jogging activities, or perhaps their personal photo-blog as an early attempt at photography, they certainly wouldn’t mind if as many people as possible would land on their pages, right?

Well; unless you embrace the idea that for every blog post you write, you will almost certainly need to write at least ten articles based on that post (and this is for low competition keywords; for high competition the number of articles will climb into the hundreds just to rank), your blog will only be able grab a depressing trickle of traffic.

You always want to write great content, because your site will eventually need the staying power that it provides; but you must also market your content; and for that, you need backlinks; using viable techniques of link-building.


Your Plan to Rank Should Include Quality Article Directories

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Article marketing articles

The great utility of article writing and article marketing is that for each article you successfully submit to a high PageRank article directory, it is as if a webmaster totally unknown to you found your article in the vast expanse of the World Wide Web and liked it enough to put it on his/her site.

For the really well-regarded article directories like Ezinearticles, Articlesbase or Site-Reference, articles accepted here are better than pretty much any random webmaster’s site, because they have such high PageRank (there aren’t too many PR5 and PR6 blogs floating around that will publish your guest posts or articles unless they are of damn good quality; and, sometimes even that isn’t enough – they’ll ask for payment or have a policy that doesn’t include guest posting).

With all this said, it can be somewhat daunting for the beginner to try and tackle writing an extra ten unique articles about a single blog post. An indispensable tactic I’ve learned that has gotten several of my own websites ranking highly is to simply Google the keyword(s) for which you wish to rank; then, visit and really read all the top pages – out to maybe page 3 of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

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I think I’m worth writing about.

If you’re blogging about ferrets, for example, read what the top pages have written about these animals, and use the wealth of information to not only write new articles, but also to perhaps shore up your own knowledge and post, and make it as good as possible, because Content is King.

You must have a blog post that’s as good as possible so that your visits are meaningful and your pages won’t have high bounce rates; which just means that many people may be coming to your site, but they’re leaving very quickly once they don’t see what they want.

Consider these very good article directories that accept article submissions and are time-tested to help websites rank very well in the search engines. For a keyword with medium competition, for example, you might try and submit 5 articles to a handful of these to see a noticeable change in your search engine rankings; often, you will see a big change, such as moving from maybe the 20th page of Google to the 5th.

That should motivate you to know that very soon, with a little more work, you can get to the first and second pages and cause your number of visitors to skyrocket. For a little more information on getting your website highly-ranked, check out my page on getting backlinks.


For Starters, Article Market to These Directories:


  1. Ezinearticles – PR6. One of the absolute best in the business. Sign up for an account and submit your first article today!
  2. Articlesbase – PR6. Another highly-regarded one that gets you loads of direct traffic. Shows up in Google Webmaster Tools in your dashboard, but doesn’t pass link-juice (i.e, applies the no-follow attribute to the hyperlinks in your article)
  3. Sooperarticles – PR4. A great one. Used to be PR5 but took a slight dip with the latest Google update. Something tells me they’ll be going back up though when the next Update comes around…
  4. Articlesfactory – PR4. I like this a lot. They allow up to 3 links in the resource box, whereas most of the others only allow two. This means you can link to other related content of yours and get link-juice out of it.
  5. Goarticles – PR4. An old stalwart. Very good, with a vast amount of traffic; second probably only to Ezinearticles and Articlesbase.
  6. Articleblast – PR4. Another generous directory; allows 3 links. Actually; allows considerably more than that, although I certainly wouldn’t recommend more than maybe 4, and try to keep it to three links, myself. Unless absolutely necessary; put in ten pointless links and they’ll ban you.
  7. Ideamarketers – PR4. Like Articleblast, they allow many, many links. But just because there’s a basket of unattended Halloween candy in front of a house, doesn’t mean you should take them all. You’ll get sick later anyway. Just put in 3-4 links at the most.
  8. – PR4. They take quite a bit of time to approve, in my experience. Still; powerful link juice.


Check back regularly; I’ll have updates as well as goodies for you; specifically, better information in the near future on how to gauge how many articles you might need for a particular keyword in order to rank well.

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