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Some prefer Squidoo…I like both.

If you’re doing your SEO and article marketing right, you should have a couple of blog posts up on separate domains – similar in content to the very best ones on your main blog.

For example, if you’re using Google’s Blogspot Blogger domain as the site of your main blog, you might also have a post up on Hubpages and Squidoo – each on the same subject but with unique content. Given that they’re both PR 6 and PR7 domains, respectively, they can serve as very powerful backlink partners for you. How best to take advantage of this three-headed (at least) backlinking strategy?

Considering that most article directories only allow a maximum of two anchor text links in the resource box of a single article, you can find yourself practically swimming in articles if you want to promote your blog in the best way.

To make the situation more convenient, we’ve compiled a list of article directories that accept 3 hyperlinks in the resource box of a single article; this way, you can use them to promote your main blog, your Hub on Hubpages, and your Lens on Squidoo with just one article – but be sure to use three different anchor text keywords! Click here to sign up for Hubpages and start making money writing!


Ideamarketers – PR4 You’re allowed many, many links here; as long as they’re not spammy. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t recommend more than 4 hyperlinks to your other content – preferably 3. Keep your articles under 7,000 words. That’s their word count limit. Your links can be spread throughout the text of the article – which is a rare allowance as far as article directories are concerned. Keep them all below the first paragraph, though. Site has been changed to PR3

Selfgrowth – PR6 You can place 3 anchor text hyperlinks in the resource box only. This article directory used to be PR5; it’s getting better and better so be sure to put your best work here.

Sooperarticles – PR4 You are allowed 3 in the body of your article; however, Sooperarticles’ editing software will automatically apply the nofollow tag to these links; this means they’ll show up in Google Webmaster Tools; but you won’t get the benefit of a fraction of their PR4 ranking. If you place these links instead in the resource box, then they will all be dofollow. 3 links maximum in the author resource box. – PR5 Another article directory that allows multiple links in the content. Try to restrict them to 3 total; because Triond will actually publish the majority of your articles on other domains, with which they have partnerships – such as WebUpon, and Qazen. – PR4 Many links allowed; in both the body text and resource box. Wouldn’t recommend more than 4 links as the absolute maximum – and don’t put all 4 of them to the same domain, even if you’re deep-linking. Use them to point to your Hubpages, Squidoo or perhaps Tumblr blog. Sorry to report that this good directory has apparently bit the bullet. – PR4 Maximum of 3 links allowed in the article; however, none at all are allowed in the first 3 paragraphs of the body text. They can all point to personal domains; avoid using more than two to deep-link to your own blog (my advice). – PR4 2 hyperlinks accepted in the article body text; 3 maximum allowed in the author resource box. I wouldn’t recommend using the entire allocation, unless your article would do well with authoritative links such as from a .edu domain or a .gov. Then by all means; use the body text allocation to link to these! And the resource box to promote your own sites. – PR4 3 links are allowed in the author resource box only. – PR4 Maximum of 3 hyperlinks allowed in the resource box only. Lengthy wait for review, in my experience… – PR4 Many links but beware of appearing spammy. Keep it to 4 maximum, and only related to your article or post; better yet, use 3 links on your personal marketing; one on an authoritative source.

GoArticles – PR6 This article directory has been around forever. It’s one of the ones you can probably expect to be on the rise, once they get rid of old links to bad sites and the next Google update comes around. You must restrict promotional links to your site in the resource box; you’re allowed 3. In the body, you can also place 3 links; but they can’t be promotional and must be related to the article content directly.

MyArticle – PR2 Allows 3 links in the author resource box.

Amazines – PR4 Allows multiple links throughout content; as usual, for Google likeability purposes, don’t place more than 4 links in any single article; and, preferably 3 – all to different domains or deep links. – PR3 3 links allowed here. Site currently down for maintenance – as of late November 2013.

article directory mindmapAlways keep in mind the utility of these article directories that allow you to place more than two links; they can do wonders for your off-page SEO if used correctly. Avoid linking to the same domain, vary your anchor text in the hyperlinks and make sure the link is as relevant as possible.

Avoid placing too many back links(not more than two of them) to the same domain, even if they’re all different deep links; you want to maximize the benefit they give you by also promoting your Hubpages hub and/or Squidoo lens.

There’s another reason to avoid placing three links to the same root domain in a single resource box:  just like you don’t place two links in the same sentence in a blog post, you know that the search engines don’t like content with hyperlinks too close together – they probably have some sort of spam point system for that kind of thing, with successive hyperlinks receiving a 2 out of a possible 5 per offense.

The best way that has worked for me, is to use the plethora of high-PR article directories that allow just two links (well; mostly) for my main blog, and then use the three-or-more link directories for my Hubpage, Squidoo, and Tumblr derivative blogs. I use a great tool specially made for finding backlinks, which has helped me bring several of my (former) posts from a PR0 to a PR4 in just a few months, before I started this new blog.

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