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The number one question I am asked in the small search engine optimization class for beginners that I run is “Why do you have to write articles at all, if you already have a blog post on the exact same thing?” It is a good question, as I remember that when I first learned about Google Adsense and Blogger several years ago, I had absolutely no clue of the power of article marketing.

Over the course of about 8 months, I slowly learned about optimization, and how to get my site out there; unfortunately, an article marketing strategy simply wasn’t on my radar.

One of the most fulfilling things about this group of students is that I get to steer them away from my early mistakes, saving them the months of frustration, but not depriving them the benefits of the experience, by explaining to them exactly why it’s a bad idea. It isn’t always fruitful to tread a path littered with mistakes, if you have someone to set you on a different road.

Article Marketing

So let’s say you write a blog post, and you’re just starting out: you’re very excited about finally having your Blogger (or WordPress or whatever) up and running with some content. This is, of course, excellent; but, it’s only the beginning. You have to get people to find their way to your site, which is lost amongst the millions and millions of other web-pages that pervade the Internet. What article marketing does for you is get your site out there by drawing attention to it; it is essentially a messenger. You post your articles in article directories with a link to your site, and the effect is (ideally) two-fold:

  • people read the article, and click the link to find out more by going to your weblog/website – maybe they buy something while they’re there (if you have that kind of site), or just read more of your writings and interact with your like-minded burgeoning community.
  • secondly, the search engines themselves give you “points” (which drive your website up in the search engine results pages – SERPs) for the link back to your blog; the number of points is dependent on the authority of the website you are commenting on. For example, if you were able to comment on NASA’s website, which has the highest possible PageRank of 10, that could be enough to shoot your site up several hundred thousand pages to page 1! But, of course, NASA doesn’t allow commenting (no PageRank 10 site does, to my knowledge), and this is one of the reasons why article marketing is so very useful.
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Article marketing has virtually taken over blog commenting, which was much more popular in the past: You go to someone’s site, and leave a useful or engaging comment on the blog, which links back to your blog.

For those of you who have been internet-savvy for a good while now, you can see right away the problem with this: spammers.

Before long, the number of people coming to your site merely to pitch their own stuff, whether it be Viagra, Cialis – or something else – drowned out those that came to legitimately interact with your post. As such, many webmasters changed their blogs to so-called “nofollow” tags, which instruct the search engine spiders, basically, to ignore the HTML links you put on their blogs after commenting.

Usually, the spiders will actually follow the link, but they will not count it towards ranking your site any higher. Article marketing, on the other hand, gives you the best of both worlds; the search engines follow the links in the articles (as long as you submit it to one or more of the many article directories that are “nofollow”), thereby ranking your site higher, as well as the traffic you get from people reading your article and coming to your site.

As a very important aside, you can see how great content factors inseparably into this: there’s no way you can reasonably expect anyone to read a spammy (is that a word!?) article, much less follow the link back to your site or blog peddling Viagra pills. Unless, well, you know….

Article Marketing Strategy


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Now that you have your great, unique, well-written blog post (you really just need two of the three qualities; if you’ve got all three, kudos!), you now need to start writing articles and marketing them to article directories.

Your blog or website is currently on like page 90,000 perhaps. For certain keywords, writing just an article or two can rocket you to page 6 or 3 or maybe even 1. For other subjects with either medium or high competition, however, you will need to write many more articles to be able to compete. I have found that for very competitive keywords, numbers as high as 60 articles per keyword will do the trick – that’s alot of articles!

In your article marketing strategy, you’ve got to somehow account for this kind of competition, as the top spots are usually held by huge companies that are considered authorities.  As a result, many webmasters get top backlinks from those sites.

Just consider, however, if you were able to get 30 articles or so into very high pagerank article directories such as Ezine or Suite101; you WILL most likely be able to compete with some of these lions. For others, your article marketing strategy will need to find a way to turn out hundreds of articles to make up for the backlinks.

Fortunately, there is a tried and true method for doing this, and opening up the world of article marketing and search engine optimization for you, whether you’re an expert or a beginner. This article marketing robot has been truly invaluable to me, and has allowed a few of my sites which were in the doldrums (make about a dollar a day) to leap ahead to figures as high as $300 per day, which is something I never imagined would happen after months of frustration.

If you’re serious about getting your website or blog out there, this article marketing tool is guaranteed to be the best thing that ever happened to your article marketing strategy. And you can see just what it does by trying it for nearly a full week, for FREE!



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