Alexa Rank Tutorial: Top 10 Ways to Raise Your Alexa Ranking

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As for how to increase your Alexa ranking, the most important thing to know is that only people who’ve downloaded the FREE Alexa Toolbar will count towards the visitor tally that improves your Alexa rank.

As such, you should try to encourage them to download Alexa somewhere in your posts or pages – preferably a high-traffic region. As a note, the higher the Alexa rating, the worse it is – so aim for lower numbers! Alternatively, high PageRank is of course better than lower PageRank.


Using Alexa to Your Advantage

The amazing thing is that, even though I will provide you with several steps to increasing Alexa ranking below; the single act of downloading the toolbar and surfing the web with it installed in the browser made my Alexa ranking go from 890,000 to under 400,000 in less than a week! It’s one of the few easy ways to help out your search engine optimization program and gain a little extra website visibility.

alexa rank

alexa rank

So – as you might have been wondering – what’s the point of an Alexa ranking? Frankly; it raises the profile of your website.

By keeping track of the number of visitors (or more accurately; the number of visits, since you can drive up your ranking by installing the Alexa toolbar and visiting your own site), it helps you move up in the search results pages a little.

This ultimately brings in true visitors who will do what you really want: actually interact with your site, instead of merely dropping by. As always, Content is King, so be sure there’s the ultimate reward of informative content awaiting your audience.

And Now…Top Tips to Raising Your Alexa Ranking

  1. First and foremost; go to and sign up – it’s free! Get your own version of the toolbar and make it available for download on your site. The first people who probably ought to know about its availability are family and friends; ask them to download it to their browser and surf the web with it. Maybe even encourage them to visit your site once every time they log on.
  2. Create a separate Meta-tag description for your blog post on Alexa ranking and put multiple popular relevant keywords in it. This one’s for the search engines, folks.
  3. You can’t really count on too many people to download your Alexa toolbar, unless you already have massive amounts of traffic (which then begs the question of why you do you even need the toolbar); so, install the free Alexa widget too, which gives website details such as rank and number of incoming links.
  4. You can always buy PPC ads on a search engine. I had originally intended to eschew any paid methods of increasing your Alexa rank – but what the heck; this is a valid way of doing so and it’s your choice after all.
  5. Post your Alexa blog on forums; especially SEO-oriented and webmaster – frequented forums; you’ll get backlinks from them that will drive your SERPs (search engine results pages) placement.
  6. Do what I’m doing! Take the time and effort to disseminate some of the information already out there on Alexa and write your own blog post on ways to increase your Alexa ranking. Maybe even add some stuff there that makes sense but you haven’t seen elsewhere, such as the following juicy tidbit: write a handful of unique guest blogs on the Alexa toolbar and approach webmasters for publication. Be sure to deep-link back to your own post. It works even better if these webmasters already have the Alexa toolbar installed on their own sites.
  7. An idea similar to the above; use Web 2.0 properties to promote your Alexa toolbar. For example, go ahead and pen a short summary of your post – uniquely-worded, of course – on, with an open invitation to download your Toolbar for greater recognition of their posts too. Make a Hub on Hubpages, a Lens on Squidoo, A business page on Facebook and Tweet about it on Twitter. Heck; while you’re at it, you might as well Stumble it (StumbleUpon) and get added to is also good – pun intended!
  8. While we’re still on social networks, find some very popular Brazilian, Indian and Chinese social sites and drop links to your Alexa post there. After all, they’ve collectively got something like a third of the world’s population!
  9. Use good old-fashioned article marketing to promote that particular post about Alexa and submit to Ezinearticles, Articlesbase, Articlesnatch, etc, etc.
  10. More important than any of the above “tricks”; most of which are for short-term increases, if you really want your Alexa rank to steadily-but-surely increase over time without fail, then develop link-worthy content that informs your readers and matches the keyword search that brought them to your website. Funny how, just like with Google PageRank, it all comes back to developing content, eh?

The Alexa & PageRank Collective

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alexa banner

Keep in mind that Alexa and Google PageRank work together, because none of them are singularly perfect for assessing a website’s popularity.

PageRank depends on backlink popularity, with the attendant negative reality that high PR links can be bought to artificially raise PageRank.

Alexa; on the other hand, measures direct visits – with the attendant reality that the owner of a website can visit her own site to raise its profile. So if you see a blog with a high PageRank but an Alexa rating way out there in the numerical netherland, then chances are there’s some manipulation going on there. Which isn’t a big deal, really; as long as the content is good – backlinks will arise naturally..

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