Website Management and Internet Marketing Costs

internet marketingNo matter what business you’re in these days, chances are that the bulk of your marketing program has shifted from whatever offline medium you were using, to fostering an online presence using a website as your company’s portal to the masses.

If you are a new company, then it’s likely that your marketing department has only ever worked with social media, search engine optimization, and any of the other exclusively 21st century methods for widespread visibility for relatively low cost (far lower cost, actually, than for similar numbers in the past).


Keep Your Website Engaging and Neat

With this wholesale transition to internet marketing, you might want to ask yourself first just how important website maintenance is to your company. If the bulk of your business comes from cyberspace, then your website deserves as much, or maybe even more, as you would have spent on an alternative primary method in years past (before the days of mass internet consumption). It is the platform via which you will pitch your company’s message, service or product, and from which it will receive customer feedback and a chance to liaise with new, mutually beneficial business partners.

Beating Back the Technical Attack

There are, of course, underlying technical reasons for keeping your website well-oiled, so to speak. As the engine that drives your business, it can easily fall into disrepair without upkeep, especially given the viruses and malware that pervade cyberspace. And with the ability of an online business to stay “open” at all hours of the day and night, every moment your website goes down means a loss in potential visitors or conversions.   Google Webmaster Tools does admirably well, in my experience at least, in outing any attempted site hacks if you’re on the blogspot domain.

Optimize or Have Your Website Die

As a further reason for the need to commit to maintaining your website, think of the primary avenues of search engine optimization, some of which have bigger respective market shares than others in the website ranking algorithm for which the search engine Google is so famous. Content marketing, social media, etc are the current big wigs in the specifics of this ever-evolving ranking system. More importantly, these happen to be vital to the maintenance of a website, because your traffic expects to encounter a professional, crisply rendered and up-to-date business when they land on your web-pages.

Consider a Website Management Pro


building the www signWebsite management services are the method of choice when it comes to seeing a website through from the very beginning, to the internet equivalent of an IPO, when it is ready for the world.

Professionals can provide you with a suite of management services, from system defense and repair, to software and hardware upgrades and overall system improvements.

The cost for all of these services should be looked at in perspective; after, your website is the face of your business in the platform where metrics show that most people are searching for services.

Professionals can help you keep tabs on other important, but specialized details, such as hyperlink construction for keywords, making sure that there aren’t any lasting problems with the hosting service your website is using – or that problems will be quickly cleared up to minimize the loss in traffic.

Because hosting expires every couple of years (actually; this varies among hosting providers), you will need to be certain your domain name is renewed in a timely fashion.

You have a business to run, and can’t be bothered with numerous mundane technical facts of maintaining a healthy online presence. Just keep in mind that your competitors are always improving, and that you can’t afford the cost of remaining stagnant, or of opting to go without sufficiently robust maintenance and management services that will leave you open to adware, spyware and more debilitating subversions of your systems.


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