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Do You Really Need SEO Tools for Website Promotion?

Because the above is such a strong question, let’s tackle it right away: No, you do not need SEO tools. When I started out on the Blogspot domain years ago, I tried to learn everything I could about blog promotion. Ranking in the search engines was based on knowledge, and I had very little money anyway, so any prospect of buying one of the of the early SEO tools was … [Read More...]

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Article Directories That Accept 3 Hyperlinks

If you’re doing your SEO and article marketing right, you should have a couple of blog posts up on separate domains - similar in content to the very best ones on your main blog. For example, if you’re using Google’s Blogspot Blogger domain as the … [Read More...]

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What Is a Backlink?

Most beginning search engine marketers quickly understand the singular importance of backlinks for any blog-marketing campaign. This is currently the best way for a search engine robot or spider to determine the importance of a site, as rated by … [Read More...]